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 My Jeep - Bling Battery Terminals 

Bling Bling Battery Terminals
Ok...I know this upgrade seems simple to most people, but others just might need to have a little instruction to get them motivated.

My reasons for this upgrade were to correct a problem. My Positive Battery terminal was close to destroyed and badly corroded. This in addition to the fact that I have had some front end vibration lately, left me on the side of the road reseating and cleaning my battery terminal a couple of times.

I went looking for the exact battery cable at the local parts store and I found that this was either a factory part or a home-made part. I just needed terminals so I started there.

Looking at the terminals at the store brought to my attention these bling bling gold plated extra accessory terminals.  I'm usually not inclined to shiny objects for my Jeep, but the more I thought about it, the more it made sense. I guess they are usually used to setup car stereo systems so I figured they would work just as well for off-road accessories such as lights, winches and radios.

These terminals had 4 inputs each (2 big and 2 small). Gold is an excellent conductor and is resistant to corrosion. Also the extra inputs would be helpful since I already have a rat's nest of wires daisy chained on my positive battery terminal.

Anyway, here's how to do it.

1) Remove your battery cables and any other wires that are connected to your battery. Both sides, positive and negative.

2) Get a box or something to protect the melting pieces of terminal from falling on to wires or onto hoses and set it up around the cable. This is how I did it. The best way is probably to remove the cables all together but I was just to lazy and it all worked out.
Caution: If you use a box, it is flammable so pay attention to what you are doing and don't light the box on fire.

3) Melt the lead battery terminal off of the wires. I used a very small butane torch. You may need hold it on the battery terminal for a while. It's similar to solder, it takes a long time to heat up but once it's there it goes quickly.

4) Determine how you want your wires to go. I decided to solder my lights and CB leads together.

5) Hook all your cables up and put your new terminals on. Make sure you tighten down all the input connectors super tight. Don't forget to screw the input connectors down on the inputs you didn't use. These could loosen up and fll out if you don't.

the bling terminals

the old (+) terminal and wires

melting the terminal

installing the cables and wires



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