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 My Jeep - CB and CB Rack Install 

ew_endjune-001.jpg (138032 bytes)
Antenna Mount

ew_endjune-002.jpg (66691 bytes)
CB Rack with CB attached.

Doug Chartier's CB Rack
June 2002
I went and met Doug Chartier and what a nice guy. He helped me install my CB Rack and custom fit it to my YJ when I showed up. Lucky for me, he is a local Houstonian. I decided I would do it right, unlike the last time. I haven't had any noise issues and it has been performing superbly.  After you install it you had better tighten the six nuts that hold it together  down. I had one fall off on my last road trip because of the long-term vibrations. No big deal though.

I mounted the antenna mount directly to the body after pondering many of the mounting options. It was a heavy duty mirror mount that has a back plate the same as the front. The coax cable runs right through where the back window and the corner of my soft top come together.

 I ran the coax through the padding on the roll bar and ran two power lines and a ground through the padding also. I just have to figure out what I want to power up there next.

I have a 5 foot Wilson "Silver Load" antenna, a 3 foot "Wal-mart" antenna (pictured) and a 4 foot whip antenna. I use the little whip antenna most because my Wilson hits in the parking garage at work. The 3- footer turned out to be bad when tested with an SWR meter so I scrapped it.





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