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 My Jeep - Lights and Teeth 

KC Lights and Teeth
This is the most unique modification that I've done on my Jeep. In fact, I doubt this will be one that anyone else will want to do. Basically I bent the front tube bumper on my Jeep and instead of buying a new bumper I modified this one to add character and make me happy.

This modification required welding, an area which I lack the knowledge or the equipment to do. However, I planned this modification thoroughly with sketches and computer generated images. After I had my idea worked out I found somebody in my local 4x4 club to help me weld on the light tabs and the teeth themselves. I thank you James Gregory for your help.

The teeth were easy to mask off and paint with spraypaint. Now months later I have found that it is futile to keep these teeth from rusting. It seems that water drips off of the ends of the teeth when raining and now amount of sanding and re-painting will stop this. I'm willing to live with these cavities.

The lights were fairly easy to install. I ordered the 6" KC Daylighters in black and had some vinyl cut at my local sign shop in 5 1/2" AND 2" circles for the eyes. I just stuck these stickers over the yellow caps that came with these lights. I ran the wiring through the tube bumper using a wire hanger to fish the wires out one by one. It wasn't easy but it sure looks better than atached to the outside. I ran the lights directly to the battery for use even if the car is not on.

Inside I mounted the button provided by KC without the backing plate. It fit perfectly in the stock switch holes at the lower right of the steering column.

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