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 My Jeep - Rear Tire Carrier 

Custom 4x4 Fabrication Rear Bumper and Tire Carrier
May 2003

Ordered my rear tire carrier from custom4x4fabrication….

Install Tips
Bottom holes did not line up - Had to drill them out about a half an inch
o Be sure to immediately put the tire carrier on because the unprotected shaft that holds it on will rust….
o Seemed real hard to get the cap on the bearings….
o Broke off bolt on right side bottom…
o Instructions sucked…not that it is so hard to figure out…A picture would have been helpful…
o The little rubber pieces that they provided don’t stick very well…I lost one of them on the trail…Although I don’t really hear it rattling around I can tell that it is obviously moving up and down…
o When I sprayed off some of the mud I noticed some rust from the insisde of the square tubing…

My instructions…
Put the bottom part of the bumper on the jeep…
o See how it all fits up…Go ahead and tighten the two bolts on each side down
o Mark where the bottom holes don’t line up…Mark where the hole in the rear frame should be on both sides…I used a silver sharpie, but you could use anything you want as long as you could see it…
o I had to go buy a Titanium ½” drill bit to get through the frame on both sides (Home Depot)
o I also but a smaller bit to drill the multiple holes to expand the holes in the bottom of the bumper back far enough…,
o After getting the bottom bumper on you can then start to worry about the tire carrier 

Cool things
o It finally allowed my Gibson Exhaust Stainless Steel Tip to fit
o It takes the weight off of my rear door which was already starting to sag
o I can keep my Hi-Lift Jack out side of my jeep…



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