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 My Jeep - JKS Telescoping Track Bar 

JKS Telescoping Track Bar
I ordered my telescoping track bar mostly because my track bar relocation bracket didn't work worth a flip with my older Dana30 front axle. I was also hoping for more articulation.

The quality of JKS is, as always, very good. The hiem joints and stainless parts never cease to amaze me.

Install Notes:
The new track bar mounts to the rear of the upper track bar mount. There is a spacer that prevents the crushing of your old track bar mount.

On the lower hole you will need to drill on the cast track bar mount. The bolt is just slightly bigger.

It fixed my problem with my relocation bracket but unfortunately, I don't get a whole lot more articulation. When I loosen the bolt on the front of the track bar I might get something, but it's not noticeable. Could be a limit of my springs I guess.

upper mount


upper mount

lower mount

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