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Tuffy Center Console
July 2002
I ordered my Tuffy console from Quadratec over the phone. I had them price match Jim's Offroad Warehouse. It was just over $200. Dealing with Quadratec on the phone was a pleasure. You don't get the benefit of tracking your package on-line unless you call them and ask them for the tracking number. I received it in less than 7 days after making the phone call.

I've installed the console. It was a breeze. Just have to line up the console and drill three holes in the tub of the jeep and then bolt it in. I've found that the mounting bolts were extra long and I had to use lots of washers to make them work. You might need to make a trip to Home Depot to get some different bolts if you want to do the job right. I haven't mounted the stereo yet. Still waiting till I can afford an MP3 player. It looks like I'm going to have to remove and reinstall the console once I get it.

Very Sturdy, The 8" fit between my YJ seats makes my seatbelts get caught when I move the seat forward. Just have to hand feed them through every time. Drink Holder works like a charm for any size drink. All in all, I like it. It's a huge improvement over my Rusty Pony console I had before.

December 2003
I ordered my new Pioneer MP3/CD Player from Digital Foto Discount Club. I had a really good experience with them. I ordered online on because of their excellent price. I placed my order on 12/16 and recieved the stereo on 12/19 (right before Christmas). I used and Quadratec Message Board for most of my research. You can't beat 200 songs on one CD.

I have it mounted vertically in the Tuffy console. You'll need an antenna extension cable. It cost me $12 at the local Car Audio shop. The wiring cost me about $12 as well. I re-wired the speakers and ran extensions for the power, ground, etc. I love the Tuffy console even more because it secures the radio and gives me radio controls at my fingertips. I hope to eventually build a Switch Center in the space in the dash where the radio was.


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