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Cypress Offroad

 Pictures - '07 COR Fall Run 

Cypress Offroad Fall Run 2007 - Barnwell Mountain
Gilmer, Texas - October 19th-21st, 2007

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Back Row
Ron993, BigD, KC704, TexasTiger, Robster, JVoelkel, Strongwind, Rnnne6, Streetdemon, Tank, DannyAndStacey
Front Row
Bullfrog264, J_Maxx, TxOWeb, BigO281, Scott, BT, Freak, ExtremeRubicon, Chuck, Bighead
Not Pictured
TH1000 and Misfit_2

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We left Houston with a convoy of 3 towed Jeeps at about 7:30 in the morning. We arrived at 11:00 am and checked in. We decided to stay at Old Camp since we knew we had another 20 rigs on their way. Old Camp is the farthest camp to reach but is fairly large and has two port-a-potties. It ended up being the perfect camp for our group.

Once everyone arrived we took the Jeeps out on a few runs. We quickly found any last minute problems that people had with their vehicles. Everyone was able to get their vehicles fixed by Saturday morning.

Saturday morning we all got up early and headed to the pavilion to meet up. They built a small rock garden directly behind it and we ended up hanging out there and taking poser shots before the group picture.

After lunch we headed down to Twister. It's a hard obstacle but you don't have to fear rolling multiple times down a hill if something goes terribly wrong. The highlight for me was the open diff Jeeps that made it. That was some skilled driving and spotting.

After we had gone through, we were sitting waiting for a nut to be delivered to one of the Jeeps in our group that had lost the nut to his leaf spring shackle when Southern High Rollers came through the obstacle.

One of the guys got sideways and ended up doing a pretty good flop. I offered assistance. In hindsight, I could have positioned my Jeep much better. He let me know since then that he just needs some ball joints to get back up and running.

During the afternoon we ran a bunch more trails. During the day people reported back about broken Jeeps. Some of which we were able to fix and some we couldn't.

Saturday night there was a chili cook-off. I tried 5 different types of Chili and I was feeling like I was about to explode. We sat around the campfire talking about our days exploits with a few brews and then hit the sack.
Sunday morning my wife and I were able to play around with her WJ a little bit. I think some upgrades will be necessary on Wilma Jane sometime in the near future.

The weather was beautiful all weekend. The company was great. My wife and I had a great time. Thanks to CypressOffroad for hosting this run and to all the members that made it great. Great T-shirts also. :)

Adam "tank" Miller

Write-Up - Video - Pictures - OHV Park Info - Links


Write-Up - Video - Pictures - OHV Park Info - Links

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OHV Park Info
Barnwell Mountain is located about 5 miles north of Gilmer Texas. It is an 1800 acre park of iron ore based rock and dirt.  After a good rain some of the easier trails can become quite hard. The trails are marked but change from season to season due to erosion.

More Info about Barnwell Mountain

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Southern High Rollers

Write-Up - Video - Pictures - OHV Park Info - Links


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