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 Pictures - Shiloh Ridge - Writeup 

Southern High Roller's
February Club Run - Shiloh Ridge - Easy Group

Alto, Texas - February 21st, 2004

We arrived at the Walmart at about 7:00am and started our convoy to Shiloh about 7:20. I really appreciate Jay Tompkins for organizing it. It made the ride seem a lot easier and I probably drove a bit faster than I usually would.

Arriving at the park at around 10am. We aired down and disconnected our sway bars. We were told that Larry Crawford and his Yellow TJ would be leading our group. Thanks to my working radio I was selected to be Tailgunner. Man, did I feel important. Our group consisted of 7 or 8 Jeeps from stock to Rubicon and a handful of medium built Jeeps.  
  Larry was a great trail leader. He worked us through some minor obstacles and built on them. It was obvious to me that Larry could have gone with the big bad body damage guys but happily lead our group. One of the obstacles we encountered was a huge mud puddle. It was pretty solid underneath but it was deep enough to swallowed most of the Jeeps in our group.
Shiloh ridge is mostly red dirt descents, climbs and extremely large puddles surrounded by beautiful grassy hills. They also have two rock gardens. The climbs could become significant in rainy or after rain conditions. Expect to see alot of ATV's zooming around like crazy. Although we stayed to the easier stuff it was still easy to pick a bad line or become high centered.  
  Shiloh Ridge is huge. We were given an estimate of 35 miles worth of trails. They have camping with bathrooms and sell hamburgers and BBQ on-site. Although this was my first time to Shiloh Ridge I was very impressed. Special thanks to Southern High Rollers for being a great club and organizing this run. As usual all of the other members were extra friendly and great people.
One day when I get a little more armor I'm going to see what the guys on the hard trail are doing.
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Adam "Tank" Miller

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