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 Pictures - TX4WD Mega Run 

 TX4WD MEGARUN - Barnwell Mountain
, Texas - March 5th, 2005

Got there Friday night and setup camp, unloaded the rig, and had a few cold ones.... Saturday the events started. I was happy to see that they checked vehicles for lockers during the tech inspection. Jacked them up and turned the wheels. Limited Slips counted as lockers for this event and it kept it fair.

Extreme Class - Rock Garden and a few from Wild Class

My first event was the blind man's course. They had a mild course setup and the driver wore welder's goggles while your co-pilot guided you through. We did pretty good at 2:02 minutes. But we got spanked by 30 seconds or so, by the winner. I'll tell you, it seems like you're cruisin when you can't see...

The second event was the rock garden. It was timed and measured in distance. It was rough. Only one person in my class actually completed the course and I knew him. So, I was going to make it darnit. I got pretty far...only two other guys made it further but I had some penalties for backing and stopping, so I didn't place.

I ended up snapping my front axle at the U-joint and blowing out my spider gears in the rear. I was able to cripple back to camp under my own power and fix the front with the spares that I brought but couldn't fix the rear.

Because of breakage, I missed the hill climb event. I did manage to get it back together enough to do the poker run trail ride event. I just let the front wheels pull me around. So I didn't win anything. Cry But that's OK.

Barnwell is awesome...This was my second trip there and I'm ready to go back for more exploring, I haven't seen an 1/8th of the place... They have 1800 acres, 50 or more labeled and rated trails, Air tanks at the entrance, and plenty of camping all over the property. Although, Shiloh is very nice, it is worth the extra couple of hours to go to Barnwell. It's so big, it's probably best to plan for the weekend. Unlike Shiloh, you can drive around all day and not see the same place twice. It's fun to explore and unlocked vehicles can easily accomplish 80% of the trails when it's dry. Also Gilmer is bigger than Alto. Resteraunts, Hotels, etc.

When we were leaving Sunday we blew a tire on the trailer and our spare didn't fit. We got so lucky that a guy who owns the tire shop in Gilmer pulled up behind us with a trailer. He let us use his spare to get to Gilmer and then found us a used trailer tire for $20. If you bust your tire in Gilmer make sure you use Washburn Tire company. Freindliest guy ever.

All in all, great trip...I need to replace my front spare axle, and I get an upgrade opportunity to put a limited slip in the rear. That's going to have to hold me over until I replace this weak D35...Kinda sucks because it's my daily driver but my intention was to find the weak spot. I knew I'd be hard on it due to the competitive and timed nature.


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