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 Pictures - April SHR Barnwell Run 

Southern High Rollers April Club Run - Barnwell Mountain
Gilmer, Texas - Saturday/Sunday April 8th - 9th, 2006

Saturday morning we had a driverís meeting and determined how many groups we needed and discussed our plans for the day. I headed out with an easy group with 6 Jeeps and Todd led a harder group. We had one Jeep that was bone stock and he did really well keeping up with the rest of us.

The easy group had a couple of recoveries with straps that morning but all in all, had a good time.

In the afternoon we all went together as a large group we did some 3 and 4ís. Kasey (Camo XJ) gave us a scare, rolling backwards on a steep hill climb. Milton winched to a tree with a strap connected to Caseyís Cherokee and we were able to extract her without any damage but a bruised ego.

We ran some more trails and Rob broke a rear axle shaft around on Saturday Night Live, which made for an interesting multi-Jeep extraction. Recovering Rob we had to anchor to Jamesí Jeep while I winched him up the last few ledges and out of the obstacle. Once we were past the ledges we were able to pull him out onto the access road and get the trailer to him. Since it was his daily driver I let them use my truck and trailer to get it home.

That night we had another good time sitting around the campfire and a few people left.


Sunday morning I packed up and headed home in the Jeep while Rob and Tammy drove my truck with their Jeep in tow. Rob and Tammy live pretty close so that made it convenient. Once we got Robís Jeep home we disassembled the rear axle, cleaned up all the shrapnel, and replaced the axle. He was able to get to work on Monday morning.

The weekend was also a Land Rover event. So it was pretty much us and a bunch of Land Rovers and us. Now, I donít have anything against Land Rovers, but it was funny to see so many similar vehicles all the way down to sticker placement.

Thanks everyone for coming. I had a great time.




Do you have more pictures. Contact Me.

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