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 Pictures - Shiloh Ridge 

May - TX4WD Run
, Texas - May 8th, 2004

We got to bring a new Jeeper along (Erik) and I think he's hooked. We met in Willis at 6:00AM and we were off to Shiloh. We visited "Helicopter Pad" first. It's a long (60ft) steep hill with an easy, medium and hard trail leading up it. I was told that it's called helicopter Pad because of the way that ATV's take off from the top of the hill and get air before they land.
Easy Group Jeeps Easy Group Jeeps Erik Dan
Matt  (Helicopter Pad) Matt Matt Tank

Then we visited the two rock gardens and broke for lunch. We wheeled a little after lunch and ended up back at the helicopter pad. Matt pushed his Jeep a little to far and managed to break the U-joint and axle end in his YJ. We met him back at camp, rigged a fix with a diet coke bottle and some duct tape and ended up following him home. Regardless, it was a great trip.
Tank Jason Tank Tank
Matt Johnnie Johnnie Johnnie
Paul Paul Paul Jason
Jason Jason Matt Justin
Johnnie Johnnie Johnnie Johnnie
Tank Tank Tank Tank

Johnnie's Pictures
Easy Group Mark Trail Erik
Erik Johnnie Johnnie John
Johnnie Johnnie Johnnie Johnnie
Johnnie Johnnie Johnnie Johnnie
Trail (Helicopter Pad) Justin John John
Dan Mark Claus Paul Matt
Matt Dan Dan Dan

Matt's Pictures
Matt Group Matt Erik
Matt Matt Matt Matt
Dan James Jason Jason
Jason Jeep Trail Matt Matt
Matt Matt Matt Matt
Matt Paul Paul Matt
Justin Jason Jason Jason
Matt Matt John Matt, Tank, Johnnie
Matt, Tank, Johnnie Matt Matt Matt
Matt Matt Paul Matt
Matt Jeep Grouping Matt Matt
Matt Broke Where's the parts Matt Broke U-joint Gone
Stew Matt Matt Fixed Matt
Matt Tank, Matt Tank, Matt Tank, Matt
Matt Broken and New Broken Axle The Fix
The Fix The Fix - Diet Coke Broken Exploded Axle Housing

Even More Pictures

Erik and Mark's Pictures

John Summer's Pictures

TX4WD Club Picture Area (I think these are from Paul's camera)

Dan's cool wheelie video

More Info on Shiloh Ridge

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