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 Pictures - Shiloh Ridge Open Run 

Shiloh Ridge Open Run
Alto, Texas - Saturday June 25th, 2005

Represented Clubs and Businesses:
TX4WD, COR, SHR, ORG Magazine (Jeepspeak), Monster Off-road (Texas City), Creative Engineering Off-road (Woodlands), Lawman Offroad

Thanks everyone for coming. I had a great time. Couldn't be a nicer day. Kinda hot, but tolerable. I didn't get many pictures due to lack of co-pilot but here's what I have.

Sorry I didn't get around to hanging out with everyone more (TX4WD, Monster Offroad and Eric Barnes). Also, I apologize for holding up the convoy on the way home. I gotta get a tow rig. :)

Cool Pics of the Day
Ray Ray tank Ray Ray Mike
tank copclay copclay  

Strongwind Ray Ray Alan Rob
copclay James Matt Erik
Jim Dan Mike David
John Ray Ray Ray Ray Rob
Matt copclay Dan Ray Ray
strongwind Jim tank tank
ray ray ray ray strongwind John
ray ray ray ray tank Matt
tank ray ray ray ray ray ray
ray ray tank tank  



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