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 Pictures - Super Truck Shootout 

Super Truck Shootout
Spring Creek, Texas - Sunday July 31st, 2005

Well the Mud Freaks put on another great event this year. The Guys and Gals at Spring Creek did some major improvements. They expanded the obstacle course, built one heck of a rock garden and added a new mud bog and lots of other stuff. The event is definitely getting larger.

I was only able to watch the first few classes go through the obstacle course but I understand that only one of the vehicles, out of the many, made it through. You can find out more about the park and the event here. Spring Creek Offroad

Here are the pictures that I got. In hindsight, I should of setup at a different place on the course besides the hugest, ugliest mud puddle on the course. It would of made for better pictures anyway.



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