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 Pictures - August 2001 

Creek Party (August 25 '01)
dent1.jpg (58637 bytes) dent2.jpg (62595 bytes) dent3.jpg (47789 bytes)
Dent and Dent's 84 CJ7 SkyJacker Lift. Dent gets it wet. Dent climbs the hill.
DentClimb.jpg (61526 bytes) DentSpray.jpg (44842 bytes) dentup.jpg (56709 bytes)
Dent Climb. (different angle) Dent sprays sand. Dent's up and over.
don1.jpg (48994 bytes) evil1.jpg (58600 bytes) evilwr.jpg (53410 bytes)
Don and his '84 CJ7 attempt a mini hill upon exit. Evil Wrangler '00 TJ, nice and dirty. Evil climbs the hill.
bubba1.jpg (50977 bytes) bubba2.jpg (54997 bytes) MilFalcon.jpg (63108 bytes)
Bubba's 70 something heavily modified Blazer trying to pull Dan H. out. Bubba spins them and cant budge Dan H. Bubba relaxes with his Millennium Falcon.
dan1.jpg (64972 bytes) dantug.jpg (54708 bytes) bigdodge.jpg (53714 bytes)
Dan hooks up his 85 Blazer to the Big Dodge next. The Big Dodge gives s pull but snaps something in his transfer case. Here he sits. No gears. As soon as he could limp out of the creek he did. Thanks for the effort Big Dodge dude.
bigdodgebroke.jpg (61644 bytes) doublepull.jpg (61693 bytes) DanHarris.jpg (70316 bytes)
Bubba pulls him backwards and resets his transfer case Finally Bubba and a Z71 hook up and are able to pull Dan H. out. Dan's Free!
creek2.jpg (63754 bytes) creek1.jpg (57655 bytes) local.jpg (55219 bytes)
Dent, Dan and Tank coming down the hill to cross the rocky creek. Sean and Bubba lead the way. Sean got a new tire upgrade and I didn't even get a good picture. Sorry Dude. Spring Creek Local stops to drink a Busch and sell dent a rear drive shaft.
DanELaunch.jpg (59014 bytes) dane71.jpg (59410 bytes) danetop.jpg (52105 bytes)
Dan E. gets some air on the sand hill in his 71 chevy. Dan E. in heavy sand. Look how deep his front tires are. Dan E. cruises right up the hill.
lauridog2.jpg (64861 bytes) lauridog.jpg (59049 bytes)
Lauri's '98 TJ and her dog Tucker. More Tucker. Couldn't talk Lauri into any heavy duty 4wheeling. :)
Here's a few more that Bubba put up on Yahoo.
Lacy's Stuck '87 YJ and Don's '84 CJ (August 5 '01)
leslie1.jpg (68693 bytes) leslie2.jpg (74743 bytes) leslie3.jpg (60776 bytes)
LaPorte Lacy's YJ  was soooo stuck. Don and I thought we could give him a hand. After trying everything to get him out with man power the Jeep wouldn't start and we had to drive home and get the chain. The front left and rear right tire weren't touching anything but liquid.
lesliedon.jpg (71945 bytes) lesliedon2.jpg (65280 bytes) lesliedon3.jpg (59886 bytes)
After we went home and got the chain Don had no problem pulling Lacy out.  Don jerks the chain and Leslie flies out of the hole. Don's throttle gets stuck and we all thought Lacy was going to be pulled all the way to pavement.
johnjeep.jpg (60832 bytes) silveradosavior.jpg (55650 bytes) jeeppoopy.jpg (62114 bytes)
Sean's 98 TJ was out at the creek watching us get Lacy unstuck and didn't want to be left out of the pictures. Here is the Savior Z71 that was kind enough to pull Don out when we got stuck right next to Lacy. I know it's not a Jeep but he really felt left out and was a huge help. Sean's Jeep can't hold it any longer. Probably wouldn't have taken this picture but the beer made it a lot funnier than it was.
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