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 Pictures - Shiloh Ridge 

August - Shiloh Run
, Texas - August 28th, 2004

This was an Open Run that Matt and I put together. We had representatives from Southern High Rollers, TX4WD Tomball/Conroe, and Jeepspeak plus a few non-affiliated folks. We met at the Kroger in Willis and left from there. We had from stock Jeeps to Jeeps with 35's and lockers. Special Thanks to Johnnie for leading the convoy there and back. You're shortcut is so much more relaxed than the highway drive.

After arriving we headed out with Matt in the lead. We hit Helicopter Hill and toured the park in style. After awhile we let Brice show us around the park. His Creative Engineering F-250 makes any obstacle at Shiloh look like a piece of cake. It was fun to watch him dart here and there saving the stuck vehicles. There was a mud truck event happening and so we stopped and watched those guys play in the mud and then I showed everybody how I could get real stuck in what seemed like a shallow mud puddle. The weather held out all day, a little hot but worth it.

This was one of the best runs I've ever been on and I'm convinced it was the quality of people. Thanks to My Dad, Matt, Becky, Johnnie and Mason, Alan, Erik, James and kids, Mario and Kathryn, and Brice. You guys and gals made this run awesome!

P.S. Congratulations to Becky for going on her first offroad adventure ever.
Group James James Brice
Brice Matt Matt Matt
Matt Johnnie Johnnie Johnnie
Johnnie James Erik Erik
Erik Tank Erik Tank
Erik Tank Tank Tank
Matt Mario Mario Mario
Mario Shiloh Mud Trucks Group Group

Group from left to right:
Johnnie, Alan(SHR), Erik, James(SHR), Matt, Mario, Tank(SHR, TX4WD) and Brice (TX4WD)

Brice Group

Johnnie's Pictures
Brice, Becky, Tank Group Johnnie Johnnie
Tank Tank Tank  

Matt's Pictures
Johnnie Mario Group Group
Group Brice Matt Group
Matt Mario Johnnie James
Erik Tank Matt Matt
Group Group Mario Erik
Group Tank    

Erik's Pictures
Eric Barnes Erik Tank's Dad & Tank Johnnie
Erik James Brice Erik
Tank Tank Mud Pit 4 Wheeler

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