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 Pictures - More Pictures 

This page is not solely limited to Jeeps. If you are not local to me or do not have a Jeep, you can still send me pictures, and me, I'll post it.


greencjwallpaper.jpg (1078239 bytes)
Broken Green CJ Compilation from Spring Creek Mud Freaks Super Truck Shootout Event.
1200 x 1000

CreekTrip6_20_03-034.jpg (190078 bytes)
2003 Sahara @ Spring Creek 1152x768. Johnnie Netrow's Jeep.

CreekTrip6_20_03-013_ew2_16.jpg (464645 bytes)
1993 Wrangler YJ @ Spring Creek

CreekTrip6_20_03-041.jpg (206146 bytes)
2002 Wrangler X @ Spring Creek 1280x853. Jody's Jeep.


devilshole.jpg (172031 bytes)
Devil's Hole at Spring Creek
1152x864 Special Thanks to "Zinger" for this Pic.

  Misc Pictures

Spring Creek June 8th, '03
Some XJ's (Jeep Cherokees) playing around at the Creek.
bluecherokee1stbeach2.jpg (83198 bytes) bluecherokee1stbeach.jpg (85367 bytes) bluecherokeebyrayford3.jpg (99640 bytes)
bluecherokeebyrayford2.jpg (86686 bytes) bluecherokeebyrayford1.jpg (105032 bytes) bluecherokeebyrayford4.jpg (98163 bytes)
I saw this guy's blue cherokee @ Willowbrook Chick-Fil-A the next day.
Contact me if this is your vehicle.

Spring Creek December 15th, '02
We thought we'd bring the the kid's down to the creek, so they could ride the four-wheeler and we could get the Jeep dirty. This is the road to 2nd beach. <see Spring Creek> 2nd beach was a lake. I only bent the trailer a little on the way out. :)

We saw these kids mud skiing. 
I'm sure their mother's were happy when they got home.
12_15_02_mudski2.jpg (86987 bytes)
Mud Ski!
12_15_02_mudski4.jpg (108381 bytes)
This should be a Tide™ commercial.
12_15_02_mudski3.jpg (101210 bytes)
2nd "Lake" is right over the hill.
12_15_02_mudski1.jpg (100117 bytes)
Crazy Kids

Click on the pictures to see full size images and use the "back" button on your browser to return.
12_15_02_ew2withtrailer.jpg (100539 bytes)
I found the only dry spot. :)

James Gregory from Willis, TX sent me this picture. 
This is my brothers 1981 Scrambler. This picture was taken at Barnwell on Halloween weekend 2002. There was no damage to the jeep just the drivers pride.

Looks like a good time was had. I would have told that story to everyone I saw for the next week if it were me. Thanks for sharing. - Tank

81scrambler.jpg (37857 bytes)
81 Scrambler @ Barnwell

Went  to Barnwell Mountain, Gilmer, TX - June 28th-29th
We got there at about 11PM on Friday night and immediately met up with the guys from the DFW area on the way to Old Camp. They had just brought a Hummer with them through Twister at night. The Hummer suffered Body damage and a broken window. ;( 

We set up camp and ate some of Skymutt's Chili. (Thanks for the free Chili, It really hit the spot after the long drive) Then we crashed a little after midnight. The Rain started at at about 5:00 AM and just kept coming. Of course nobody had their windows in.

Pictures of our flooded Jeeps and Camp

ew_endjune-003.jpg (72566 bytes)
The Jeeps

ew_endjune-004.jpg (83143 bytes)
The Soaked Tents

ew_endjune-005.jpg (62315 bytes)
Peter's YJ

Unfortunately, I left about 9:00 AM soaking wet and never got to wheel. I noticed that the weather got better as soon as I got on I-20. Hope everyone who stayed still got to go on the trails.

I had lots of that red Gilmer mud on my Jeep for my ride to Dinosaur Valley State Park (South of Fort Worth). It rained on us there too. Oh well, you win some you lose some.

It was great meeting you guys and I'm sure we'll meet again.
More information on Barnwell Mountain

Crash's Adventure (December '01)
IMG023.JPG (41657 bytes) IMG024.JPG (40435 bytes) IMG026.JPG (41035 bytes)
James Gregory's 1986 CJ7 is stuck like chuck. This CJ's 350 is pushing out 340HP. He was OK until he broke on of the major 4-wheel drive rules. Never turn the motor off when the pipes are under water. Shame Shame Here are some Louisiana boys in a bind. Stewart Berry and his 1999 Jeep Cherokee on a bad angle. Although he did almost roll it, we all were impressed with the Cherokee's performance. Here is John's 1981 CJ7 and my 1998 TJ. We are tied together pulling on the stuck and about to roll over Jeep Cherokee.
Thanks for sharing Sean, - Tank

Andrew's YJ

andrewsstuckYJ.jpg (77856 bytes)
"Stuck on the edge"

Eric's TJ (
Web Page )
Darn Guy went and sold his Jeep for a family vehicle.  -Tank

ericjeepbefore.jpg (118556 bytes) ericjeepafter.jpg (87724 bytes) ericjeep3.jpg (28130 bytes)
The only thing modified above is the side steps and a Kayline soft top...  Here I added a three inch body lift with 33x12.5 Mud Terrains and some front heavy duty tow hooks... Added 2" Rubicon Express lift with some "other" tires... oh and the hard top back on...

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