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 Texas Local Trails - 242 

In no way am I responsible for you visiting this area. If you choose to visit this area it is by your own free will and at your own volition. Off-Roading may be potentially dangerous and by providing this information I am in no way taking responsibility for a person's mis-actions, mechanical inability, injuries or any damage to their vehicle.


What to expect:
The 242 Wheelin spot is essentially the banks of the San Jacinto River. there aren't a lot of side trails. It is pretty much all soft sand. You will need to air down to even think about entering. The vehicles that rule this area are trucks with 44" and larger tires. They roll through the river with ease while others go around. One word of caution the water is deep! (and much higher in the winter time) Make sure you watch somebody else cross and gage water depth before attempting any crossings. Know the limits of your vehicle!

I've heard in the past that this area was closed down, but I think it may be seasonal.

Here's the story from the first time I ever went to 242.

June 1st, 2002 - 242 at Night
Headed out for a night time romp with 'The Regulators'. These are a bunch of guys with full size chevy's and probably not a one without 44" tires. They made our Jeep look like a little matchbox car. Anyway we had a pretty good time. I'd have to say that 242 has some pretty deep crossings and you're pretty brave if you cross through the river at some points. We did it in my bud's 84 CJ7 with a shackle lift and 33's. I'd have to say that there was at least 12" of water in the Jeep at some of the deep parts. I was pretty scared. You'd never believe how many vehicles and 4 wheelers were out there at the San Jacinto River at 2:00 AM. 
We met a lot of people and it was a pretty good time but I'd have to recommend that you go during the day if you're gonna head out there for the first time. Also I wouldn't run over 15psi of pressure in your tires unless you like getting stuck. 

242_June_2002.jpg (79257 bytes)
AL and Bubba
The only picture that came out of the trip. All the other pictures were just tail lights. Dark = Bad Digital Pictures

Traveling on Interstate 45, exit 242 and head east. You will go about 2 miles and you will see a large bridge coming up. This is the San Jacinto River. Right before you get on the bridge to go over the river, there are two roads on either side. Note: If you are coming from the opposite direction of I-45, you will not see the roads until you've crossed the bridge. Either road will bring you to the beach. You're there.

All of this information could change. I make no guarantee's on this information's accuracy from month to month.

Happy Trails and Good Luck!,



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