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Cypress Offroad

 Texas Local Trails - Spring Creek 

In no way am I responsible for you visiting this area. If you choose to visit this area it is by your own free will and at your own volition. Off-Roading may be potentially dangerous and by providing this information I am in no way taking responsibility for a person's mis-actions, mechanical inability, injuries or any damage to their vehicle.

Most of this land is private property and off-roading in this area may be construed as trespassing. I have never been told to leave, but I've heard that the police patrol the area periodically on four-wheelers. There is a logging area that is marked no trespassing. Therefore, Going to Spring Creek could be against the law. You've been warned.

Update 3/6/04
Due to law SB155 it is illegal to cross or go near a creek, stream or river. This law went into effect on Jan. 1st, 2004.

As of August 2004 many people still frequent the creek. If you stay to this side of the creek that is fine. Although you will see many other people crossing the creek, It is illegal and fines have and will occur.

What to expect:
Expect lots of sand and mud. I recommend pressuring down to 15PSI or less, the sand is soft and you will get stuck with highway pressured tires.
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CreekTrip6_20_03-034.jpg (117964 bytes)
CreekTrip6_20_03-010.jpg (95864 bytes)
Sand and Obstacles


The wooded trails get very narrow and the branches may rub on your vehicle or worse. Jeeps and the like don't have much problems but wider and longer vehicles may have trouble navigating through a few places. If your to scared to ruin that pretty shine I'd stick to the beach. The wooded trails also have a few areas that may be extremely muddy with no go-around. Another common occurrence is the trail ending into a four-wheeler trail.

The obstacles can be from easy to hard. Many people break down  or wreck their vehicles attempting obstacles. There are large sand hills, water and deep mud. One place is Devil's Hole, It is a deep mud crossing that will suck up your vehicle and make for an interesting recovery. Remember, always use common sense. Never do more than you are comfortable with. Always wear safety belts and use all appropriate safety equipment.

These trails change from season to season. Please be cautious of deep water and hazardous drop offs.

Expect to see lots of trash. Probably the number one reason the property owners hate us back there, is because people keep dumping trash. There are even a few car skeletons. Probably stolen and long forgotten. 
<hint> Under no circumstances, leave your vehicle over night.

Here are some pictures of this area that I took in August 2001. I also have other pictures scattered throughout this site.

Click for Larger Printable Image.

How to Get there:
Mapquest Directions
If this doesn't work type Interstate 45 and 2920, Spring, TX into Mapquest, get there and follow the directions below.

Assuming you are coming from the Houston area (Downtown) take Interstate 45 North to the Spring / Tomball Exit  (Splash Town).  The road is called 2920/Spring Cypress.  Turn East at the intersection , toward old town Spring. You are now on Spring Cypress.

There will be a fork in the road up ahead so stay in your left lane. Go left at the fork and you will be going through the heart of downtown Spring.  At the stop sign in front of you are railroad tracks, to the left a small police station. Go straight, across the railroad tracks, the road will veer to the left, This road is called Hardy Road. Stay on Hardy heading North for maybe 1/4 of a mile, it will go back across some railroad tracks and then take a sharp right, back across the main tracks.

Right after you cross the  tracks, you will see a road to the left. This road is still Hardy. Take that road all the way down to the entrance. There are actually three entrances.

first entrance is a dirt road that is on the right as you go under the toll road. There used to be a gate on this road and somebody has mowed it over. This road will lead you to 2nd Beach.

The second entrance is a guy who lives at the creek. Look for a sign on the right that says Creek Parking $10. If you are towing or carrying your vehicle you may want to park here and enter the trails from here.

<Note> He has a sign right now. (8-30-2004) It seems to me there could be some legal ramifications that he may run into and so I can't guarantee this entrance forever.

The third entrance is at the roads dead-end. They just recently built a small dirt wall blocking the trail from the road. But somebody has already made a trail over it. The trails to the right lead to 1st Beach and the trails in front lead, well, to some more trails.

There's actually a
fourth entrance if you enter from Rayford Sawdust. Just turn right at the Chevron if you are heading east on Rayford. Follow it to the dead end and continue down the hill. There is a pretty major creek crossing here and a good uphill sand climb to get to the trails.

All of this information could change. I make no guarantee's on this information's accuracy from month to month.

Happy Trails and Good Luck!,

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