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 Pictures - Spring Creek 

March - Spring Creek run with some local forum guys.
, Texas - March 6th, 2004

This was a unique run. This guy Matt contacted me through the Internet about going to Spring Creek. Well, since I had been a few times I agreed to go and at least show them to the trail head. Well I met PF first and Strongwind shortly after at Mcdonald's @I-45. Matt so graciously helped me take my sway bar connects off and we were headed through Old Town Spring to the trail.
Obstacle Course Strongwind PF PF
There's no mistake that these two guys have built Jeeps. I had a little Jeep Envy. Strongwind has a 93 YJ similar to mine but it's a Sahara model with a limited slip and a locker. He was the master of the trail for the day. PF's 2000 TJ has 35" tires 4" of lift and some body lift. Both of them had custom knick knacks. Matt's YJ had real nice home built bumpers.
Strongwind Strongwind PF Mud Hole
Off we go... First, I have to let you know that we had a weeks worth of rain immediately proceeding this trip. Since the SB155 law went into effect you can't cross the creek. This puts me at a disadvantage, because every time I ever went there we immediately crossed the creek. Anyway a couple of months ago I went with TX4WD club and they showed me the obstacle course. It's a challenge when it's dry and we learned today that you better bring a pretty mean rig when it's wet.I was scared. Anyway, Strongwind talked me into it and off we go.
Mud Hole PF Mud Hole Mud Hole
The Obstacle course consists of many tight turns and off camber mud holes. there were not very many crawling experiences. Mostly just getting enough momentum to get you through. After many attempts, on the third or fourth obstacle, I threw in the hat and we went back the way we came.

After the obstacle course we followed the trails to the left and second beach. Although these trails were wet, most puddles had hard bottoms. Be careful to watch the trail or you'll end up on a four-wheeler trail with the foliage becoming impassable. Sorry guys. None the less, Any stock Jeep can make this part of the trail.
Mud Hole The mud hole that
made me turn around.
00 TJ and 2  93 YJs
on 2nd Beach
Since I was usually trying to get unstuck. I didn't get many good pictures. Just the ones of me in the mud hole on the obstacle course. Thanks to Strongwind and PF for getting me out of there. It was a pleasure and I hope to meet up with you guys again.

Strongwind's Pictures
Strongwind Tank Tank The Jeeps
Tank Tank The Jeeps The Jeeps

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